Our latest gender pay gap update

Yet again our latest snapshot of the gender pay gap calculation shows that PossAbilities is a really equal place to work – whatever your gender.

Using the government methodology we calculated a small gap in pay in favour of men of 1.6%. This compares to a national average in favour of men of 15.5%.

Rachel Law, Chief Executive said “We are really pleased that once again we are recognised as having what amounts to virtually no gender pay gap. As the calculation is a snapshot on one particular day, a couple of small staff changes can effect the result when dealing with the low level of gap that we have. Anything below 1% is regarded by government as negligible, whilst our 1.6% gap is regarded as ‘extremely low, not requiring any action'”. She added “What this shows is that this is a really fair place to work. It’s a meritocracy, where people are recruited and promoted on merit alone, and that’s something we are really proud of”.