We Got Soul…Northern Soul

Yes. PossAbilities is heading to the spiritual home of Northern Soul. We are delighted to have been awarded a seven year, £8.5 million contract by Wigan Council to provide supported living services in parts of the borough.

This expands PossAbilities footprint across the North West and West Yorkshire, meaning that we now have a presence in Rochdale, Widens, Runcorn, Oldham, Stockport,Trafford, Calderdale and now Wigan.

Chief Executive of PossAbilities Rachel Law said “We are doubly delighted to be moving into Wigan. It’s great to win a prestigious contract like this. The added bonus is that we will be working closely with one of the most highly regarded councils in the country. We started to talk to Wigan some years ago and immediately felt that we were talking to people who shared our values and understood our ethos of doing things differently”.

It’s always been our style to be more than simply passive providers of support. We are going to build on the assets of the people we support and their local communities. We’ve got some exciting ideas, and we know that Wigan will be a place that is receptive to new thinking.

Watch this space.