Our Adi is Outstanding Shared Lives Carer 2019

PossAbilities own Adeline ‘Adi’ Dalman (pictured left) has won the Outstanding Shared Lives Carer Award 2019, Like other Shared Lives carers, Adi shares her home with a person needing a place to live and a bit of support.

In this case, it’s Gabby Holt, who found life a real struggle sharing a house with a group of boys, whilst transitioning to a woman. Gabby says “It was really stressful getting a diagnosis and having the anxiety of just going out and seeing people that I knew before I started the transition. Yet Adi supported me all the way and helped me to find the person that I am today. Thanks to Adi, my life has been transformed and I am now living independently”.

For Adi, who by day, is a Support Officer at PossAbilities, this is a massive accolade. There are 15o Shared Lives schemes across the country and our Adi cane out tops.